Beautiful essay on concentration, metacognition, etc. through chess play from grandmaster Jonathan Rowson at Aeon Magazine. "Developing concentration... entails developing the capacity to hold the emotional tension of mental complexity..." Also true of other abstract strategy games, like Adomoc :-)

Super idea for a new year's game jam: the US public domain just got a huge amount of new work (first since 1998) so there's a contest to use those works to inspire new games.

Launched the new web site. The former one went up in 2011 so it seemed like it was past time for an update. are available!

Good read on how chess computers becoming so strong, have also led to an increase in strategic games. Interesting the way tournaments have had to change too, so that the human side stays more pure.

Interesting, here's the announcement for a new board game called "FORVM Trade Empires of Rome" to give a sense of Roman economics.

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We have new users because @debnix posted a link to this instance on /r/boardgames. Will you consider boosting this and showing them some love so they see how awesome the Fediverse is?

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was an abstract strategy board game that Vikings loved. I hadn't been aware of it until reading this interesting Atlas Obscura article on its history (check it out, worth the read)

Of course, BoardGameGeek has more info

@robert these are difficult considerations... and interesting example you provided. I just noticed that in my original reply I meant to say that maybe it actually isn't (rather than is) censorship. :-) but I do see your concerns.

@robert I wonder if what you're doing is actually censorship. Can't people still follow people on other instances and see their posts (even if this one doesn't federate with them)? If so then I get the sense that your approach is more like curating rather than preventing anything... choosing default instances of content that appear on this instance's federated timeline--which could be a service if it actually helps people find information more in line with their interests when they sign up here.

I tend to return to a few abstract strategy games. Though lately, expanding a bit due my 7-year-old son. I've been using Mastodon as @jc (Josh). I love this idea of a board game instance, so here I am too!

In 2001 I conceived a game as an experiment identifying alternate strategies to certain ways of thinking–it took 10+ years of refining to make it work nicely. During that time we've had an amazing explosion of new games–hope to hear about some!

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