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I would like to keep this instance relatively family friendly. There are a couple of other "sister" sites, https://tabletop.social, https://dice.camp and https://wandering.shop - They all are friendly and have a similar user base, full of board gamers, role-players and fantasy and scifi writers. If you are new to Mastodon, there are some quirks you might want to learn:
  • When you see birdsite, that person is referring to Twitter.
  • "Tweets" are called Toots here.
  • Same thing with bookface: Facebook
  • Sometimes people say woolly, meaning something is hot or viral. (Get it? Woolly, on a big Mastodon.)
  • @Fabian and @big_chip are official moderators here.
  • The best write up I have seen for new users to Mastodon is from @kev@fosstodon.org: https://kevq.uk/how-does-mastodon-work/

Remember, this is a new(ish) system. It is reminiscent of the birdsite in its first days. There may not be many people you know, but you are sure to make new friends! Don't be afraid to talk to people!

The logo was created by our own @ThomasJohnson! You can check out more of his work here: https://tjlogos.com/.

The No No's.

Please don't post anything relating to illegal activity. I will do my best to respect people and limit censorship, but I will silence or suspend accounts and domains that don't respect these wishes.

We are aware of the paradox of tolerance, and to that aim, we will not tolerate racism, sexism and transphobia of any kind. Users that engage in that discourse will receive a warning notice before banning; with possible immediate suspension.